Another Step In the Right Direction

Welcome to Weekly Roundup #17 at ForecastOS! We're glad to have you here, following our journey :)

The Process: Hard, Intentional Work, Over Time

I've always admired anyone who dedicates a substantial portion of their life to becoming the best at what they do; like Jeff Bezos and Amazon, Michael Jordan and basketball, or Steve Jobs and Apple.

To become the best requires:

  • vision (through first principles thinking),
  • dedication,
  • interest/intelligence,
  • unreasonably high standards (for themselves and others),
  • and charisma

over a long period of time.

Modern tools and techniques change, but the process stays the same.

Reflecting: Our Journey to Date

I've always liked the quote by Confucius: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

The first time I truly understood it was after completing my 3-week, 4,400km cycling journey from Toronto to Vancouver in August 2021. A vast distance, one turn of the cranks at a time, until I reached the Pacific Ocean (where I now live with my wife and dog). A large accomplishment that was the sum of many small feats and due to the help of many great people.

ForecastOS is much the same. Early in our journey to build the best software and data for investors, we've had many small feats/wins, like:

  • launching Skylight, our tool for visualizing, analyzing, and managing systematic investment processes, and
  • launching InvestOS, our customizable open source software for backtesting + portfolio construction.

But there is still a lot of mountain to move, and as such lots of small stones to fill our pockets with!

Work: What's Coming Next

Currently, we are filling our pockets with tasks related to our out-of-the-box quant investment strategy and our first fully-owned dataset, soon to be available through ForecastOS FeatureHub. They are both targeting an end of March completion date. We can't wait to share them with you then!

Until next week,


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