Creating ForecastOS with Delphia

Why did Delphia create and spin-out ForecastOS Inc.?

As the founder of ForecastOS Inc., and a former entrepreneur in residence at Delphia, I get asked this question at a lot. Below is my attempt to answer how and why this all came to be.

In the world of multi-manager hedge funds, a new paradigm is on the horizon. A paradigm that isn't just about having assets allocated to your strategy, but about having access to a platform with proprietary tools and data to better run your investment strategy.

Delphia is striving to build such a platform; one where membership makes alpha, and not just capital, easier to come by for portfolio managers. But building a compelling multi-manager investment platform is hard, and much has to be offered to support would-be PMs, like:

  • robust backtesting and portfolio construction / optimization software - for vetting strategies with alpha, backtesting improvements, and building portfolios,
  • tools for visualizing, managing, understanding, and analyzing investment processes, with enterprise-grade access management, and
  • access to fundamental data for forecasting financial outcomes.

Beyond what is required, many nice-to-haves can save PMs time and money, like:

  • out-of-the-box systematic / quantitative investment strategies to start from and augment,
  • pre-engineered features for forecasting, and
  • low-cost datasets.

In navigating these challenges, Delphia identified the need for a specialized entity focused solely on building essential software and fundamental datasets for systematic investors: ForecastOS.

So there you have it: why Delphia created and spun-out ForecastOS.

Our journey, while distinct from Delphia, is a continuation of our shared vision.

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