Our Demo Environment is Live!

Welcome to Weekly Roundup #11 at ForecastOS! We're glad to have you here, following our journey :)

Demo Environment

We're excited to announce that our demo environment is live!

It allows anyone to try our platform without signing up or logging in. It includes some test data, and hopefully gives a sense of what's possible in ForecastOS!

Paper Portfolios

As mentioned in Weekly Roundup #9, we spent some time over the last few weeks building a tool for de-risking capital deployment. That tool is paper portfolios!

Our new paper portfolio functionality, accessible through our API, allows investors to submit live, timestamped trades from their investment strategies (out of sample) in order to simulate live performance: reducing capital deployment risk and making risk departments happy :)

It also allows ForecastOS to act as a third-party source of truth (RE: out of sample investment strategy returns) to provide credibility for fundraising efforts where a limited (invested portfolio) track record is otherwise available.

If you're interested in trying our paper portfolio offering, book a call with us here: https://forecastos.youcanbook.me

InvestOS & ForecastOS UX Improvements

We also spent some time last week...

  • Making our chart traces more discernible; the colours used to be challenging to distinguish
  • Making our numerical formatting more consistent across the ForecastOS platform
  • Adding cumulative long and short returns into the default InvestOS reporting module:

We are always iterating on ForecastOS and InvestOS. The work is never done! As such, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the platform, please let us know! :)

Work: What's Coming Next

It's important to keep velocity high. We keep ourselves accountable by sharing what we hope to finish over the next week.

This week we will:

  • Build and release a structural risk model for InvestOS (ongoing)
  • Build and release a piecewise linear trading cost model for InvestOS (ongoing)
  • Release new InvestOS functionality (ongoing)

Until next week!

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